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Institute of welding technology and cost

Wuhan Narrowgap welding technology and cost instituteare is made from Wuhan Narrow chief welding experts and more than has long been engaged in welding materials, welding technology, welding research and development of new equipment, welding quality and cost control of senior engineers.

Wuhan Narrowgap welding technology and research costs can be as global equipment manufacturing enterprises to provide the following production technology development consulting services:

1.The scientific statistics and analysis of the welding productivity, welding quality characteristics, and welding production cost accounting and analysis of the existing welding production process technology;

2.Progress direction of welding process technology and its optimized selection in the condition of higher welding quality;

3.In order to improve the productivity of welding, the welding cost 30%~80% decreased as the target of the new technology of the welding technology and its demonstration;

4 .new process and new equipment investment return analysis, implementation with greatly save welding production cost update welding equipment production solutions.

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Hello, if you have a desire for the company a year to save welding cost hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, or even more, it is you directly for the company to create huge economic benefits, we can realize this dream for you and generous help.

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